Environmental Protection Facilities to Be Open to the Public
China’s Petrochem Industry Developed Stably in First Three Quarters
Construction of New Chemical Parks Banned in Guanzhong of Shaanxi
New Plan Issued to Improve Raw Material Products
New Rules Issued to Restrict Use of HCFC-141b
New Document Issued to Standardize MDI & TDI Projects
Anti-dumping Duties Imposed on NBR from South Korea and Japan
Covestro Inaugurates the China Auto Lightweight Non-metal Materials Industrial Alliance
Air Liquide and Houpu Join Forces to Foster the Development of the Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure in China
Evonik Posts Good Results in Third Quarter
Environmental-Assessment Results for Daya Bay’s Ethylene Project Made Its Debut
Commencement of Substantial Construction of China’s First Deep-Water & Self-Operated Gas Field
Wanhua’s Plan to Erect Integrated Polyurethane Industry Chain with RMB16.8 Billion
Yanchang’s Yushen Coal-based Ethanol Project Starts Construction
Rianlon’s Attempt to Engage in Polymer Materials Additives Project
Wison Engineering Succeeds in Shipping the Ninth World’s Largest Single Modular Ethylene Cracking Furnace
Air Products Lu’an Coal Gasification Project in China Fully Onstream
LLDPE: Insufficient Production and Close Attention to Import Origins
Polybutene-1: High-Quality Products Have Supply Shortage, Large-Scale Development Is Restricted
UHMWPE Needs to Take on the Road of High-End and Specialized Varieties
BR: Development Is Slow, Rare Earth Variety Is to Become New Bright Spot