China to Propel Bio-Natural Gas Industry
China’s Petrochem Industry Posts 13.9% Higher Revenue in Jan-Jul
Anti-dumping Measures Imposed on N-Butanol from Taiwan, Malaysia and the US
Details on LNG Import Window Service Pilot Trading Released
EU Anti-dumping and Anti-subsidy Measures on China’s PV Products Terminated
Expiry Review Conducted for Anti-dumping Measures on BPA
China to Propel LNG Application in Waterborne Transportation
Hebei to Ban Construction of New Chemical Parks
BASF Invests in Alkoxylate Capacity Expansion at the Company's Antwerp Site
Wison Engineering and Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat Sign Memorandum for Collaboration
Covestro Introducing New Solutions for Needle-free Injection Technology
WACKER Starts Cystine Production in Spain
High-end Water Treatment Agent Project Lands Yima County
Linglong Tire Shell Out Capital to Build Factory in Serbia
Vision Group Subsidiary’s Intent to Establish Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park
The 1.8 Million T/A of Methanol Plant of Yan’an Energy and Chemical Succeed in Its Commission
Shell’s SMPO/POD Expansion Program Starts to Run
ZRPP Ready for Production at the End of 2019
Publicity of Public Assessment of Ethane Ethylene Project in Shangku, Xinjiang
Yuhuang Partners Koch to Establish Methanol Project in USA
Wet-Process Diaphragms Have Promising Prospect, Export Is Hopefully to Make Further Expansion
Low-End Products Have Oversupply, PP Capacity Expansion Needs to Highlight Differentiation
ABS Resin: Competition Is Fierce, How Should Enterprises in China Break Monopoly?
Analyzing the Whole Petroleum Industry Status and Forecasting the Prospect of 2018