No. 1 Central Document Sets Clear Direction for Agrochemical Industry
China Supports Capital-Raising by Green Enterprises
New Guidelines Highlight Smarter Processing of 8 Recyclables
January Prices of Chemical Products Rise 9.2% YoY
Fertilizer Import & Export Both Decrease in 2016
China to Investigate Dumping & Subsidy of Ortho Chloro Para Nitro Aniline Imported from India
China Collects Cash Deposits for VDC-VC Copolymer Resins Imported from Japan
Hubei’s Known Phosphorite Reserves Grow to 6.34 Billion Tons
China Produced 2.6 Million Tons of Titanium Dioxide in 2016
2016 Net Profit of Truchum Soars 166% YoY
Lanzhou LS to Purchase New Subsidiary
Beijing Sanju Sees A Jump of 97% YoY in 2016 Net Profit
Information on Coal to Olefin Project Disclosed
Sinopec Supplies Over 100 Million m3 of CBM in Shanxi
BASF Launches Advanced Glasurit Vision360TM Bodyshop Management Program in Asia Pacific
CNPC to Acquire 8% Stake in ADCO
Guanghui to Invest Crude Aromatics Hydrogenation Project
Clariant and CB&I to Design Major New Propane Dehydrogenation Unit in China
Xinjiang Xinlianxin Go for A Twin
Vertellus Announces Price Changes
Honeywell Technology and Controls Selected for Largest Petrochemicals Project in China
Shanghai Bi Ke to Build Methanol to Olefin Project
Recent Regulatory Developments in Plastics Additives in China
Chlor-Alkali Market Recovers, Losses Are Replaced by Profits
1,5-Pentanediol and 1,6-Hexanediol Market
Development of Oil Refining Shifts from Scale/Speed to Quality/Benefit
PBT: Slack Demand & Bottom-line Losses
Import and Export Data in China in December 2016
China's Output of Petroleum and Chemical Products in November 2016
Spot Prices in China Plastic City (YuYao) Quoted on February 24, 2017 
Ex-factory Prices (no Freight) as of February 24,2017