China to Issue Pollutant Discharge Permits for 13 Industries by Year-end
China Commercializes Shale Gas & Coalbed Methane
China to Decelerate Expansion of Coal Power Capacity
Fujian Issues New Plan for Graphene Industry
MCC Inherited Anti-dumping Duties from MRC
Hebei’s 35 Hazardous Chemicals Firms to Relocate
China Issues New Standards for Viscose Industry
MOFCOM Starts Anti-dumping Investigation on Halogenated Butyl Rubber from the US, European Union and Singapore
DowDuPont(TM) Merger Successfully Completed
LANXESS at ACLE 2017 with Sustainable Solutions for the Leather Industry
DSM Names Olivier Janin to Head Sales & Marketing DSM Dyneema
Wison Engineering Announces 2017 Interim Results
WACKER Presents Hydrophobic Grades of Pyrogenic Silica and a VAE Dispersion for Nozzle Applications
Tongwei to Invest RMB8 Billion in High Purity Silicon Project
CNOOC Hangingstone Plant Commences Production
Wastewater Treatment Contracts Signed for Two Coal-to-Gas Projects
Shenhua Baotou CTO Upgrade Project Gains Approval
Blue Ridge Tunhe Chemical Starts Construction of New Biomaterial Plant
SPECSL Wins Thailand’s No 5 Long-distance Natural Gas Pipeline Project
Guizhou Bijie “New Energy” Chemical Base Gets Approval
Criterion Catalyst and Technologies, Inc. Launches Collaboration with Qingdao Hero Taifeng
China’s Water Challenges Call for Innovative Solutions
Xinyangfeng Fertilizer: Providing Solutions to Modern Agricultural Industry
Transformation of Coal Consumption
Calcium Carbide Sector Enters Intensive Restructuring Period
Energy Consumption in Chlor-Alkali Industry Today
Aspirin Exports Up but at Lower Prices
Vitamin E Outlook Remains Positive
Butadiene: Consumption Sectors Less Favorable & Signs of Oversupply Appear
Import and Export Data in China in July 2017
Spot Prices in China Plastic City (YuYao) Quoted on Aug 25, 2017 
Ex-factory Prices (no Freight) as of Aug 25,2017