Stable Q1 Financial Performance of China’s Petroleum & Chemical Industry
Six-action Plan for “ Green” Development Published by Petrochemical Association
United States Gives Final Judgment on Chinese HEDP
China Extends ADD on Chloroprene Rubber from Japan, US and EU
New Plan for Materials Issued
Energy Production & Consumption Revolution Strategy (2016-2030) Issued
Clariant’s Q1 EBITDA before Exceptional Rise by 10%
Honeywell to Upgrade Technology for One Chinese Copper Producer
US Dow’s Q1 Net Income Surges to $888m
Evonik’s Sales Rise by 19% in Q1 2017
Rare-Earth New Power Source Industrialization Project Settled in Baotou
CNPC Subsidiary Signs Project Contract with Russian Company
Qinghai Salt Lake’s MTO Plant Put into Operation
Yongzheng Battery-Grade Lithium Hydroxide Installation Project Under Construction
Xinjiang Toksun Clean Energy Cogeneration Project Set
Multinational Chemical Companies Provide Support to the Sustainable Development of Chemical Industry Parks in China
Hengyi (Brunei) PMB Project Kicks off
Ethylene Glycol Project of Yangquan Coal Starts Running
Winning in a More Dynamic and Inclusive Market
Iron Oxide Industry Development in 2016
Propylene Oxide Market in China
C9 Petroleum Resin Sector to See Greater Integration
Nylon 6 Chip Market in China
Economic Performance of the Natural Rubber Sector in China, 2016
Import and Export Data in China in March 2017
China's Output of Petroleum and Chemical Products in March 2017
Spot Prices in China Plastic City (YuYao) Quoted on May 12, 2017 
Ex-factory Prices (no Freight) as of May 12,2017