Antidumping against ECH in China
Korea to Launch Antidumping on PVA
COSL and Trico Establish JV
CITIC to Purchase Oil Assets
Valspar to Acquire Majority Interest in Huarun Paints
BASF Completes Acquisition of Degussa's Construction Chemicals Business and Johnson Polymer
Sichuan Meifeng Bids for 45% Equity in Liuhua Group
Apache to Sell Oil Production Interest in China
Air Products and Guofeng Sign Contract
Dow Completes Acquisition of OEE
Sinopec and BASF Sign Agreement to Expand Nanjing Site
Sinochem Fertilizer to Purchase Shares in Luxi Chemical
Bayer Secures RMB6.1 Credit for Shanghai's Plant
Biocause Invests in Dimethyl Ether Project
China Salt Signs Two New Agreements
Reduction and Elimination of POPs
GE Signs Agreement with Tsinghua University in HVI Materials
Haohua Qinyang Chemical Industry Park Broke Ground
Guangdong Phase I LNG Project Put on Stream
Beijing Coking Chemical Plant Shuts Down in July
GPC Reported Huge Loss
BNCM Leads the New Chemical Material Sector
Butadiene-Vinylpyridine Latex Market Has Changed Fundamentally
PTFE Capacity Increases Rapidly
Accident Page
BUCT Develops Functional Acrylates Emulsion Paint
New Photo-Curing Coatings
Nanometer Lube Oil Additive
Complete Technology for O-Cresol Aldehyde Epoxy Resin
New Technology for Sterically Hindered Amine Desulfurization
Coal Slurry Gasification Technology Passes Appraisal of MOST
N-Methylmorpholine Synthesis Technology
New Technology for Biomass Oil Refining
Bluestar's 30 000 T/A ECH Starts Construction in Jiangsu
Taiko Oleo Chemical Project Puts into Stream in Jiangsu
FPC Completed Ketone-Benzol Dewaxing Unit
PP Unit Conducts Intermediate Handing-Over in Lanzhou
Norsun Completes 10 000 T/A Liquid Epoxy Resin Platform
SLJAIC 1.0 Million T/A Alumina Oxide Starts Production
200 000 T/A PVC Project Starts Construction in Ningxia
Huayang Launches Aniline Project
Triangle Group Completed Radial Tire Project
Pyrolysis Gasoline Hydrogenation Unit in MPC Hands Over
Import and Export of Synthetic Materials in 2005
Spot Prices in Zhejiang, East China quoted on July 7th, 2006
Ex-factory Prices (no Freight) as of July 7th, 2006
Trade Data for LDPE, MEG, SM, Barium sulfate, STPP and Soda ash during May 2006