Pilot Test for DN214 Powder Butadiene Nitrile Rubber Completed
Ecological Plastics to Be Brought into State Schedule
Lutianhua Performed well in 2004
Yantai Wanhua Continues to Grow
Invista Set up New Company in Foshan
TianLi Was Picked up by Express
Maoming Shihua Signed Memorandum with Sinopec
Beijing Huaer Recover Production
Double Star Involves in Regrouping of Dongfeng Tire
Double Star Reorganizing Dongfeng to Fulfil Its Tire Dream
New Packing Law to Affect Plastics Industry
Gasoline Prices Raised
Dalian to Be Petrochemicals Shipping Base
Sichuan 800 000 t/a Ethylene Project to Be Approved
BP Announces New Identity for Petrochemicals Company
DSM to Expand Composite Resin and EP Capacity in China
Rohm and Haas Expects Fast Growth
PetroChina Made a Profit of RMB100 Billion for 2004
Polyester Foam Coil Coatings Developed
Breakthrough in the Commercial Production of Anhydrous Magnesium Chloride
Successful Trial Run for Sieve Plate-free Chlorinator
Unduly increasing Sulfuric Acid Capacity in East China
Rapid Capacity Expansion of Acetates
Surplus Supply of Cyanuric Chloride
Constant Price Rise of Raw Salt
2004 Review of China's PVC Market
Secco Ethylene Cracker Starts Operation
600 000 t/a Ethylene Project Starts in Lanzhou
DuPont Opens Ethylene Copolymer Business in Shenzhen
Special Resin Base Started in Xiamen
Production Lines for Polyaniline Resin and Coatings Built
Base of Nano-pigment Ink Put into Production
BASF Expands Engineering Plastics Blending Capacity
Bi-oriented Membrane Project Put on Stream
BASF PTMEG Plant in Shanghai Comes on Stream
Import & Export Data in China in February 2005
Shanghai Market Price of Chemical Products during March 2005
Monthly Average Market Prices in North China in March 2005
Spot Prices in Zhejiang, East China quoted on April 1, 2005