China Expands Vehicle Gasohol Pilot Tests
BiueScpe Constructs Colored Steel Plate Production Line
EDC Project of LG Chemical Shifted to China
SinoChem Shipping Builds 4 New Cargo Ships
News in Brief
Favorable Environments in Ningbo Chemical Industry Zone
New Scheme Proposed for the Far East Oil Transmission Pipeline in Russia
4 Large Ethylene Plants to Be Constructed
China and Saudi Arabia Sign Natural Gas Deal
Sinopec and BP Invest In Acetic Acid Project
DuPont Acquires China-Based Solid Surface Company
Escalating Feedstock Prices Continue to Compress Margins for Epoxy Producers
5 Giants Jointly Build up Oil Safety
Qingdao Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Established
New Sand-Fixing Agent Retains Water and Improves Ecological Environment
Diacetone Acrylamide Starts Production in China
Cast Film Special Resin with High Gas Permeation Passes Appraisal
Non-Toxic Epoxy Resin Heavy Anticorrosive Coating Developed
High-Effect Adsorptive Drying Agent Developed
ExxonMobil Chemical: New Cost-Effective PE Resin for Wire and Cable Applications
Grace VYDAC: Larger-Size Multipacker Unit
Phenol and BDO Go Up, Benzene Drift Down
Find Out Rational Natural Gas Price and Promote Natural Gas Industry
PP, PE and PS are Seeking for Support
Aluminum Oxide Has Good Chances
L'Oreal Accelerates Activities in China
Great Fluctuations in the Polyvinyl Alcohol Market
Development of the Tire Sector Restricted by Four Major Factors
Paraformaldehyde Has Entered the Fast Lane
Domestic PX Market Looks Promising for the Next 5 Years Output and demand show synchronous increase world-wide
Prospects of the Chinese Polypropylene Market in 2004
3 000 t/a Ccarbon Dioxide Polymer Production Line
PVC Project Started Construction in Shanghai
Nanometer Active Calcium Carbonate Production Base in Luoding
Differential Fiber Project in Qinhuangdao
Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide Project in Hunan
Yangzi News
Organon completes factory expansion and renovation project in China