Foreign Trade Deficit for 3rd Straight Month
Blue Star Indirectly Controls Shenyang Chemical Industry Co Ltd
Dalian Plans to Construct Petroleum and Petrochemical Base
Daqing Starts Acrylonitrile Renovation and Expansion
Petrochemical Projects Announced by Jilin City
First Quarter GDP Grows 9.7%
Honeywell Enlarges Cooperation and Expands the Chinese Market
MOC Announced Dumping Investigation on Trichloroethylene
EU Launches Anti-Evasion Investigation into Coumarin
Sino-Iranian LNG Deal in Talks
Contract Signed for Mudanjiang Vinyl Acetate Project
Lanzhou Jingang and Thailand Join Hands
Chongqing Gas Leak Controlled
CNPC President Resigns Office
US Levies Dumping Tax on Imported Magnesium
Biological Process for Polyglutamic Acid Preparation
Thermoplastic Polyimide Successfully Developed
Luhuan Wins Support from the National Technology Innovation Fund
Keding Develops Micro Silica Powder for Packaging
New Antioxidant
Anada Develops Anatase TiO2
PVP Project
Economic Performance of the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Hit a New High in the First Quarter
p-Phenylenediamine Calls for Advanced Production Process
Plastic Processing Enterprises Complain to High Heaven
Stable Chlorinated Paraffin Market in 2003
Synthetic Rubber Market Makes Further Improvements in 2004
Victories and Setbacks with Crude Oil
Unexpected Factors with Oil Products
Preparations for the Wet Commissioning of TDI Unit
PVC Project Starts Construction in Erdos
Flint Ink Starts Investment in China
Biological/Photo-Degradable Masterbatch Production
Nitric Acid Unit Starts Construction
Asahi Denka Establishes Company in Shanghai
Methanol Renovation Starts
Project News in Brief
Spot Prices in Zhejiang, East China Quoted on April 23, 2004
Market Price of Chemicals in Shanghai during April 19-23, 2004
Spot Prices in North China
Output of China Petroleum and Chemical Products in March 2004