Price Rise of Oil Products
Second Phase Construction Goes Smoothly in Dalian
Large Oil Deposits Found in Shengli
Oil and Natural Gas Output Targets in CNOOC
Energy Chemical Base in Full Swing
Tongbai Constructs Large Soda Chemical Production Base
Sichuan Makes Further Expansion of Melamine Capacity
News in Brief
Development Trend of Ningbo Chemical Industry Zone
China Imposes Anti-dumping Measures on Chloroform
Foreign Trade Law Revised
DuPont Opens Zytel Compounding Facility in China
Shell Licenses Clean Coal Technology to China
CPC Introduces Quick Disconnect Couplings
Kodak Puts More Investment in China
Ethylene Expansion Project Launched in Daqing
Paraxylene Expansion Project in Yangzi Petrochemical
Nanometer Titanium Dioxide UV-resistant Fiber Developed
Deproteinization Natural Rubber Developed in Yunnan
Zhongfu's PET Chips Reach Standards
Large Fluorine Coatings Base in Dlian
Output and Market of Domestic Petroleum Coke
Iron Oxide Features New Modes
Investments in All-Steel Radial Tires Need to Cool Down
Profile of China's Dyestuff and Pigment after WTO
Drastic Increase in Soda Ash Production and Demand
Oil Shipping Enterprises Ready for Implementing the Plan "Chinese Oil Using Chinese Shipping"
HFC-134a Project Put on Stream
SECCO Celebrates the Successful Energizing of 220KV Power Station
Sinochem SOP Compound Fertilizer Launched in Shandong
Lithium Ion Cell Cathode Material Project Started Production in Ningbo
Ciba Specialty Expands Antioxidants Production in China
Boxin Bio-pharmaceutical Project in Qingdao
Sino-Korea Antimony Trioxide Project in Guiyang
1.4 million t/a Delayed Coking Unit Went into Operation in Qilu
Supply and Demand Information of Chemicals in China Lately