YEAR:2009 ISSUE:36   Three Factors Affect Urea Market
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:36   Shifeng Chemical Kicks off Synthetic Ammonia Project Phase I
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:35   DunAn to Control Jiangnan Chemical, Consolidate Domestic Explosive Chemicals Industry
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:35   CIC Buys into New Energy
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:35   CNPC's Unit Put Gas Assets on Sale
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:35   AkzoNobel Science Award Makes Debut in China
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:34   Tangshan Sanyou Eyes Fiber Business
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:34   Yaxing Chemical to Buy ADC Foaming Agent Asset
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:34   Final Review on Imported Ethanolamine Case
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:34   MOC Announces Final Review Result on Imported TDI
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:34   Zhuhai Letong Chemical Launches IPO
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:34   Yanchang Petroleum Initiates Expansion Strategy
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:34   LANXESS Moves Butyl Rubber Global Headquarters to Singapore
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:34   CNOOC Ltd. Saw Production Rise for Q3
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:34   WACKER Presents Dispersion Binders and Silicone Additives for the Chinese Adhesive and Sealant Industry
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:33   Praxair Metals Technology Makes Debut in China
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:33   BASF Joint Trade Union Established in China
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:33   LANXESS Strengthen Ties with CPCIA
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:33   Yuntianhua Group Adjusts Restructuring Plan for Three Listing Arms
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:33   Wanwei to Expand PVA Business by Buying Assets
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:33   Chalco Acquires Parent Assets
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:33   AkzoNobel to Acquire Dow Powder Coatings Activities
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:33   Sinopec Corp. Saw Net Profit Growth for Q3 2009
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:33   Dow Coating Materials Showcases Enhanced Innovation Capabilities at Chinacoat 2009
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:32   Tire Makers Report Robust Earnings in Q3
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:32   PetroChina Recorded Drop for Q3 2009
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:32   MOC Announces Final Ruling on Imported Adipic Acid
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:31   Foreign Trade in September Showed Good Performance
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:31   Sinochem to Acquire Shares in Australia-Based Nufarm
YEAR:2009 ISSUE:31   Sinochem Group Completes Acquisition of 100% Share in Emerald