YEAR:2014 ISSUE:3    BASF Launched New Fungicide Jianda in China
YEAR:2014 ISSUE:3   China’s Pesticide Market to Grow Further in 2014
YEAR:2014 ISSUE:3   Multinationals Gained 80 New Pesticide Registrations in China in 2013
YEAR:2014 ISSUE:3   Dow Offers New Solutions for Asia Pacific Agrochemical Adjuvants Market
YEAR:2014 ISSUE:1   Titanium Dioxide Sector in China Faces Overcapacity
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:22   Too-hot Glyphosate Market May Invite Trouble
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:21   China’s Precipitated Silica Industry Continues to Grow
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:8   Dyestuff and Organic Pigment Performed Stably in 2012
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:8   China’s Dyeing and Printing Industry Faces Huge Challenges in 2013
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:8   China Textile Dyeing/Printing Assistant Sector Is Big but Not Strong Imperative to Change
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:8   China’s Carbazole Market Looks Promising
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:1   Xylenol Overcapacity Risks Loom for China
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:1   2012 – A Hard Year for China’s Polysilicon Industry
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:1   China’s Demand for Nitrogen Trifluoride Sees Double-digit Growth
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:1   Clomazone Has Bright Market Prospects in China
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:2   China’s Pesticide Industry Must Strengthen Pollution Control
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:16   Prospects of High-end Specialty Chemicals in China (Part One)
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:16   Iron Oxide Sector in China Faces Reshuffling
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:3   China’s Pesticide Industry Accelerated M&A and Restructuring in 2012
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:3   Pesticide Market in China in 2012
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:3   China to Launch Campaign for Agricultural Innovation
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:3   Bayer Got Registration of Flubendiamide in China
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:17   Prospects of High-end Specialty Chemicals in China (Part Two)
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:3   Costa Rican and Chinese Research Institutions Enhance Cooperation 
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:17   Mounting Environmental and Regulatory Pressures Driving Global Solvents Industry to Greener Alternatives
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:3   Major Events in China’s Potash Fertilizer Industry 
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:3   Profit of Veyong Bio-Chemical Jumped in 2012
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:3   Monsanto Acquires Agradis to Support Agricultural Biologicals Business
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:3   BASF to Expand Plant Biotechnology Research into Fungal Resistance in Corn
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:18   Production and Development Trend of Pesticides in China