YEAR:2008 ISSUE:14   Anhydrous Piperazine: Slow Demand Growth
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:14   BASF Launches Concrete Admixture Plant in Wuhan
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:14   Lunan Pharmaceutical Starts up 7-ADCA Unit
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:14   Dimethyldichlorosilane Hydrolysate Production Process
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:14   Wet Commissioning of Chromium Oxide Green Project
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:14   Major Positive Changes Promote Development of Pesticide Sector
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:13   Is Spring for Water-Based Coatings Really Just Around the Corner?
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:13   Dow Corning Opens Silicone Rubber Plant in Zhangjiagang
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:12   Factors Affecting Development of Titanium Dioxide Sector
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:12   Leshan Electric Launches Polycrystalline Silicon Project
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:12   DuPont Starts up New Coatings Plant in Shanghai
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:11   Cefriaxone Sandwiched in 2007
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:11   DuPont Introduces New Manufacturing Plant in Shenzhen
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:10   Dyestuff and Organic Pigment Develop Steadily in 2007
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:10   Anhui Huaxing Plans to Issue Additional Shares
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:10   Hydrophobic Anti-icing Coatings
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:9   Joys and Worries for Amoxicillin in 2007
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:9   Sustained High Price of Glyphosate
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:9   Albemarle to Expand Antioxidant Production in China
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:8   Akzo Nobel's New Chelating Agents Plant in Ningbo
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:8   Price of Vitamin E Increases Constantly
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:8   Shandong Dacheng Starts up Paraquat Unit
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:7   Great Supply Shortage of High-Grade Precipitation-Process Silica White
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:7   New Multi-Functional Water Treatment Agent
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:7   DSM Launches Soy Peptide Project in China
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:4   BlueStar Plans New Methionine Plant in China
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:4   Luckyfilm Purchases AEC Production Line
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:4   Water-Borne Container Coatings
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:4   Eastman Introduces Adhesion Promoter for Automotive Coatings
YEAR:2008 ISSUE:4   DuPont Opens Performance Coatings Plant in China