YEAR:2019 ISSUE:8   APG Opens a New Era of Surfactants
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:5   Architectural Coatings Development Aims High Performance, Multifunction and Greenness
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:1   Paper Chemicals: Enhance Innovation Ability, Develop Urgently-Needed Products
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:24   Needle Coke: The Market Is Kept Brisk
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:16   Demand Continues to Rise, Prospects of Vitamin B12 Are Better
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:14   Coatings Firms Strive for Survival by Green Development, Seek Growth by Innovation
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:12   Environment-friendly Coatings to Be the Trend
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:11   Dyestuff Industry Enters High-quality Development Stage
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:10   Dyestuff Industry to Highlight the High End, Promote “Green” Products
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:7   Ups & Downs for China’s Dye Industry While Protecting the Environment
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:3&4   New Chemical Materials Industry Makes Technology Breakthroughs
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:3&4   Synthesis Biotechnology Brings about Advanced Manufacturing and New Reform of Chemicals
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:23   Organic Fluorocarbon Coatings to Be Greener & Standardized
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:23   Coating Industry Must Focus on Innovation & Environmental Protection
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:24   Innovation + Integration Promote Sustainable Development of China’s Modern Coal Chemical Industry
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:24   Coal-to-MEG Industry Expects Breakthrough
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:16   Ion Exchange Resins Have Bright Prospects
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:12   Environment-friendly Hot Melt Adhesives Contribute to “Green” Development
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:12   API Export from China in 2016, with Commentary on Major Products
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:12   Textile Auxiliaries Foreign Trade
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:7   Nitrogen Fertilizers: Streamlining Capacity for a Very Tight Market
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:2   China Needs to Produce More of Certain Wet Electronic Chemicals for Itself
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:3   Chemical Fertilizers: Fierce Competition
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:6   An Overview of Chinese Coatings Market 2016
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:6   China’s Coatings Industry Sees Growth of 5.6% YoY in 2016 Revenue
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:6   Titanium Dioxide: Rocketing Prices Haved Peak in 2016
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:6   Chinese Water Reducers  Market Development
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:1   Pyridine Sector in China Constantly Growing in Competitiveness
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:1   China’s Ethylene Oxide Market
YEAR:2016 ISSUE:22   Feed-Grade Calcium Phosphate Sector Faces Thin Profits