YEAR:2017 ISSUE:23   Impacts of Quality Upgrading in China VI on Blending Components of Oil Products
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:16   Five Oil Refining Trends in the Face of Overcapacity
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:17   Transformation of Coal Consumption
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:7   Development Status of Shale Gas in China
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:2   Emerging Markets and the Future of LNG
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:2   Wison Launches Floating LNG Power Plant Solutions
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:2   AAG Announces Plan for Development and Use of CBM
YEAR:2016 ISSUE:6   The Rise of Oil and Gas Fueling Stations in China’s LNG Sector
YEAR:2016 ISSUE:6   Natural Gas Supply Pattern in China after Price Adjustments
YEAR:2015 ISSUE:20   China’s Shale Gas Output Expects to Reach 4 Billion m3 in 2015
YEAR:2015 ISSUE:20   “Deep Winter” in the LNG Sector — Opportunities - Challenges
YEAR:2015 ISSUE:20   Competitiveness of Coal-Based Gas, Given Oil Price Fluctuation
YEAR:2015 ISSUE:3   Where Will China’s Exploration and Development of Oil/Gas Go Next?
YEAR:2015 ISSUE:5   Prospects on China Biodiesel Market
YEAR:2014 ISSUE:11   Analysis of Refined Oil Market Trends in China in 2014
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:2   Supply-Demand Forecast of China’s Natural Gas 
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:2   CBM Opportunity Emerges as Natural Gas in Short Supply
YEAR:2013 ISSUE:2   Shale Gas Industry Means A Lot to China’s Natural Gas Supply 
YEAR:2012 ISSUE:23   Shale Gas Exploration Relies Heavily on Key Technologies 
YEAR:2012 ISSUE:23   China’s Shale Gas Development to Follow "Open Market" Principles
YEAR:2011 ISSUE:10   Is Coal Chemistry Really the Future for China - An Opinion
YEAR:2011 ISSUE:10   China Strengthens Development of Shale Gas
YEAR:2011 ISSUE:10   Sinopec Group Spares no Efforts to Ensure Oil Product Supply
YEAR:2011 ISSUE:6   China's Oil Refining Industry Develops Rapidly
YEAR:2011 ISSUE:1   Coal Chemical May Break Down Monopoly in China's Petrochemical Industry
YEAR:2011 ISSUE:1   CNOOC Breaks Ground Yuedong LNG Project
YEAR:2011 ISSUE:1   PetroChina Commenced High Carbon Gas Field in Jilin
YEAR:2011 ISSUE:1   Sinopec Enhances Coal Chemical Business
YEAR:2011 ISSUE:1   Phase Two of China-Kazakhstan Gas Pipeline Launched
YEAR:2011 ISSUE:2   China's Oil Refining Industry Constantly Optimizes Its Industrial Layout