YEAR:2018 ISSUE:23   China Becomes the Global Benzene Consumption Engine
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   Butadiene: Market Is Stable While Supply-Demand Structure Needs to Be Adjusted
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:20   Environment-Friendly Coating Solvent DBE Has Opportunities
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:20   Present Status of C4/C5 Resources Used in the Production of Synthetic Rubbers
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:18&19   Wet-Process Diaphragms Have Promising Prospect, Export Is Hopefully to Make Further Expansion
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:17   Acetone Consumption Structure Will Change and MMA & BPA Will Become the Driving Forces
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:16   Adhere to Five Major Initiatives to Write A New Chapter of the Pyridine Industry
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:16   Solve the Contradiction of BDO Oversupply
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   Aromatics: Demand Structure Changes and Dependency on Imports Remains
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:14   Products of the Butanol/Octanol Value Chain: It Is Hard to Treat Their Capacities Equally in China
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:14   Acetic Acid: Beyond Expectations in 2017, Prudent & Optimistic in 2018
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:11   Olefin Industry in China Is Up and Coming
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:11   Melamine Sector Suffers Overcapacity
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:8   Dicyclopentadiene: China Will Take the Lead, but Many Domestic Market Gaps Must Be Filled
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:7   MMA – Technical Breakthrough in C4 Method, High Profits Will End
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:7   Piperylene: Creating Applications & Differentiated Products
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:6   Butadiene: Integration Needed in Triumphant March
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:6   Propylene Oxide: Several Processes Coexist, Green-ness & Environmental Protection Are Priorities
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:6   Distant Threat Still Exists, Near-term Distress Is Approaching – Where Will the MTBE Sector Go?
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:6   Acrylonitrile: Priority on Environmental Protection, Prices Fluctuate Widely
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:6   Acetonitrile: Supply Exceeds Demand
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:1   Adipic Acid Development While Capacity Is in Excess Must Be Rational
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:1   Chemical Industry Shows New Enthusiasm for Capacity Expansion, and Heavy Metal Catalyst Consumption Picks Up
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:1   Modern Coal Chemical Industry: Understand Bottlenecks, Cope with Challenges
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:23   Three Sectors Boost Acetic Acid Consumption
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:24   Rising Oil Prices Boost Chemical Market Prices——Domestic Chemical Market in First Half of November
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:17   Butadiene: Consumption Sectors Less Favorable & Signs of Oversupply Appear
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:18   C9 Petroleum Resin Industry Reshuffle Coming
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:21   PX Capacity Soon to Be in Surplus – New Projects Risky 
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:21   Recycled Plastics Industry Struggling, Players Need to Be Rational