YEAR:2007 ISSUE:36   Shandong Yinbao Produces China's First Giant Engineering Tire
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:36   Tosoh PVC Project Operates Smoothly
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:36   Hydrogen Peroxide Project Kicks off
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:36   Jiangsu Jiuding Group Launches Biodegradable Plastic Project
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:36   20 000 T/A 1-Butene Project Kicks off
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:36   Urumqi Petrochemical Starts up Sewage Stripping Unit
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:35   HSFCC Starts up Polyester Resin Project Phase I
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:35   80 000 T/A Natural Fatty Alcohol Starts Production
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:35   Anqing Petrochemical Kicks off Styrene Project
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:35   Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Starts up Spandex Project
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:35   Jinzhou Petrochemical Completes Sewage Stripping Unit
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:35   100 000 T/A Methanol Project Starts Production
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:35   Projects Released in CCR November 2007
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:34   UOP Completes Molecular Sieve Plant Expansion in Shanghai
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:34   600 000 t/a PTA Project Kicks off
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:34   700 000 T/A Sulfuric Acid Unit Starts Production
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:34   Shandong Huatai Group Launches Caustic Soda Project
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:34   YPC Kicks off Carbon Monoxide Project
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:34   300 000 t/a Synthetic Ammonia Project Kicks off
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:34   Chemical Fertilizer Project Starts Production
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:34   Shanghai CNPC Kicks off Bio-diesel Project
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:34   Continual Catalytic Reforming Unit Kicks off
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:34   New Projects Recently Approved in China
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:33   Bayer's Polycarbonates Line Starts up in Shanghai
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:33   Jinzhou Petrochemical Starts up 80 000 T/A Styrene Unit
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:33   Tianjin Bohai Launches Styrene and ABS Projects
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:33   Qingdao Seawater Desalination Unit Starts Production
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:33   10 000 t/a Carbon Fiber Project Kicks off
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:33   Centralfluor and Daikin Kicks off Fluorine Chemical Project
YEAR:2007 ISSUE:33   ChemChina Kicks off Chemical New Material Production Base