YEAR:2018 ISSUE:2   Thermoplastic Elastomers: Brisk Sales & Rapid Development
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:24   Domestic Butyl Rubber Supply Short, Halogenated Butyl Rubber New Focus of Development
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:16   High-Performance Lightweight Materials Hitch a Ride on Cars’ “Weight Reduction” Imperative
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:16   Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber Sector Needs Specialized Products
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:16   Polybutadiene Rubber Makers Must Expand International Sales
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:21   Soda Ash: Accelerated Culling of Capacity, Improved Supply/Demand Pattern
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:22   What Aspects Are the Industry Competitiveness of Polyester Concerned with?
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:22   PP: Price War Imminent – How Can Players Survive?
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:22   Chemical Fibers: Good Development in H1, Operation Stabilization in H2
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:15   Improving BOPP Special Materials for 5 Major Applications
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:15   China’s SAP Sector Ready to Set Sail
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:15   Medical Plastics: Sunrise Industry with Bright Prospects
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:14   Polyisobutylene Sector Needs to Expand Applications
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:13   PC: Breaking Away from Imported Production Technologies is Seen as Urgent
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:13   EPR: New Competition Pattern Emerges
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:13   China Accelerates Growth in Production of p-Aramid Fiber for Domestic Use
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:9   Cyclopentadiene Market
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:9   Lithium-ion Battery Separators: Innovation Is the Key
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:10   Nylon 6 Chip Market in China
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:10   Economic Performance of the Natural Rubber Sector in China, 2016
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:8   LDPE Supply & Demand
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:8   Nylon 66 Chip Market in China
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:8   Chemical Fiber Operations, 2016
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:2   PPS Development Is Promising
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:2   PE Supply Falls Short of Demand, Restructuring Needed
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:3   Rubber Firms Innovate
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:3   TPI Engineering Plastic Resin: Further Development Will Be Tough Going
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:5   PBT: Slack Demand & Bottom-line Losses
YEAR:2017 ISSUE:1   PMMA Market in China
YEAR:2016 ISSUE:22   “Green” Demand Boosts Industrialization of Bio-Based Materials