YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   Improve the Price System and Build International Crude Oil Futures
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   TDI: Price Range to Narrow, Short Selling to Be Curtailed
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   Methanol Futures May Move Downwards
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:40   Linalool Unit Completed and Put into Operation
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:40   Nylon 66 Project Starts Production in Shenma Group
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:40   New Assistant to Phosphorus-Free Detergents Starts Production
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:40   Domestic 5A Microspherical Molecular Sieve Put into Use
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:40   First Phase of Hantai Radial Tire Co., Ltd. Starts Production in Jiangsu
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:29   Biggest Road Asphalt Unit Starts Production
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:29   Synthetic Rubber Project Completed in Nantong
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:29   Large Ultrafine Aluminum Silicate Producer on Stream in Hebei Langfang
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:18   Large Investment Made by Jilin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. in Pollution Control
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:29   Fine Coke Prilling Unit Constructed in Jilin Chemical Industrial Corporation
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:18   Another Unit of the Ethylene Expansion Project Starts Production in QiluPetrochemical Corporation
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:29   Puyang Trimellitic Anhydride Project Put into Operation
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:18   Project of 1 Million Sets/A Radial Tires to Be Constructed in Xinjiang
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:29   15 000 T/A Carbon Black Project Accepted in Qingzhou
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:18   Asia's Biggest Enzymatic Preparations Plant Put into Operation in Tianjin
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:29   Paper Board Base to Be Established in Ningbo
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:18   Baoding Mingzhu Chemical Industrial Group Starts Production
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:29   Chinese-Italian Joint Venture Sodium Citrate Project Starts Construction
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:18   Storage of Liquid Chemicals Put in Use in the Dalian Bay
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:29   Chinese-German Joint Venture Neopentyl Glycol Unit Starts Production
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:18   High-Strength NPK Fertilizer Produced Jointly by China and Finland
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:29   Henan Anpeng Trona Mine Soon to Be Developed
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:18   Guangdong-Ciba Polymer Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. Starts Business in Panyu
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:29   Ion Membrane Caustic Soda Project Starts Construction in Tianjin Chemical Plant
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:18   Third Phase of Nantong Cellulose Acetate Co., Ltd. Starts Construction
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:29   MTBE Unit Put on Stream in Jinling Petrochemical Corporation
YEAR:1998 ISSUE:18   Two New Pharmaceutical Intermediates Produced in Dantu Chemical Fertilizer Plant