YEAR:2018 ISSUE:22   New Rules Issued to Restrict Use of HCFC-141b
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:22   New Document Issued to Standardize MDI & TDI Projects
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:22   Anti-dumping Duties Imposed on NBR from South Korea and Japan
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:22   Covestro Inaugurates the China Auto Lightweight Non-metal Materials Industrial Alliance
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:22   Air Liquide and Houpu Join Forces to Foster the Development of the Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure in China
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:22   Evonik Posts Good Results in Third Quarter
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:22   Environmental-Assessment Results for Daya Bay’s Ethylene Project Made Its Debut
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:22   Commencement of Substantial Construction of China’s First Deep-Water & Self-Operated Gas Field
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:22   Wanhua’s Plan to Erect Integrated Polyurethane Industry Chain with RMB16.8 Billion
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:22   Yanchang’s Yushen Coal-based Ethanol Project Starts Construction
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:22   Rianlon’s Attempt to Engage in Polymer Materials Additives Project
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:22   Wison Engineering Succeeds in Shipping the Ninth World’s Largest Single Modular Ethylene Cracking Furnace
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:22   Air Products Lu’an Coal Gasification Project in China Fully Onstream
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   Covestro Sales Grow by 4.8% in Q3 2018
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   Wison Engineering Re-presented with 2018 Provincial Innovation Special Award for Excellent Survey & Engineering Design
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   CPFTZ Entered into Projects with Industry’s Giants
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   High-performance Carbon Fiber Project Worth RMB7 Billion Starts Its Ground-breaking Event
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   Bid for Epoxy Propane & Styrene Monomer Project Won by TCC
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   Private-running LNG Reception Station Come to Life
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   CNOOC Gas & Power Group and Total Signed LNG Contract
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   Sinopec’s Three Localized Projects Gaining Identification
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   BASF and SINOPEC Sign MoU to Expand Cooperation in China
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   Policies Issued in Many Places to Propel New Energy Vehicles
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   Hydrogen Energy to Become Increasingly More Important in China
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   Hebei Issues Emission Standards of Air Pollutants for Coking Chemical Industry
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   Hubei Urges Chemical Firms Transform or Relocate
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   CSTM Chemical Material Standards Propelled Orderly
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   New Document Issued to Propel Intelligent Manufacturing Industry
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   List of Green Petrochemical Technology Issued
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:21   Anti-dumping Measures Imposed on Hydroiodic Acid from the US and Japan