YEAR:2019 ISSUE:10   Hebei Issues Safety Production Evaluation Standards for Chemical Firms
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:10   Hubei to Decrease Use of Fertilizers
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:10   Puyang to Develop New-type Chemical Industry Base
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:10   Nouryon Expands Carbon Disulfide Business in China
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:10   FRX Polymers(R) and China's Yoo-Point Jointly Develop Water-Based Emulsions Containing Nofia(R) Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:10   BASF Group Increases Sales; Earnings Below Prior-year Quarter
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:10   Air Liquide and Houpu Create JV in China
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:10   Wanhua Chemical Plans for Two Major Resins Projects
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:10   Inner Mongolia Jiutai New Materials Kicks off Coal-to-MEG Project
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:10   Befar Group Achieves Successful Test Run at Hydrogen Energy Project
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:10   Chi Mei Chemical to Build a 450 kt/a ABS Project
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   New Work Plan Issued to Save Energy
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   Shaanxi to Propel Relocation of Hazardous Chemicals Enterprises
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   China Investigates Dumping of Methionine from Singapore, Malaysia and Japan
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   Document Issued to Save Water Resources
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   Shandong to Reduce Risks of Hazardous Wastes
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   Added Value of Chemical Industry up 7.1% YoY in March
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   Clariant Joins the World Business Council for Sustainable Development
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   WACKER and Oriental Yuhong Launched A Joint Lab Project
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   BASF Expands Production of Polyacrylamide Powder in Nanjing, China
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   PPG Reports First Quarter 2019 Financial Results
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   Shanghai ENN Gas and Pujiang Gases to Jointly Lay out Hydrogen Energy Industrial Chain
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   Pingmei Shenma Group Kicks off 400 kt/a PC Project
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   Zhejiang Yisheng Petrochemical to Carry out Technical Reform at Phase II PTA Plants
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   Sinopec Starts up First Ionic Liquid Alkylation Unit
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   Eversun Technology Starts up Methanol-to-Hydrogen Plant
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:9   PetroChina Launches RMB9.05 Billion Ethane-to-Ethylene Project
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:8   China’s Petrochem Industry Posts 0.1% Higher Revenue in Jan-Feb 2019
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:8   China Propels Pollutant Discharge License Systems
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:8   Anti-dumping duties on NP from India and Taiwan Extended