YEAR:1999 ISSUE:13   1999 Temporary Duty Rate for Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:13   Saccharin to Be Put in the List for Investment Prohibition
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:13   Further Capacity Expansion of the Ethylene Unit in Yanshan Petrochemical Corporation
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:13   Hualin Tire Issued
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:13   Second China International Fair of Water Treatment Technology and Equipment to Be Held in Beijing
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:13   Outflow of 50% Foreign Capital as Profit Repatriation
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:13   Rushan Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd.  Established
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:13   Zeneca Broke Ground On China's Largest Agrochemicals Joint Venture
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:13   Fuzhou Development Zone Becomes the Most Foreign Capital Intensive Area
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:12   31% Reduction in Foreign Trade Surplus This Year
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:12   Polyurethane Production Base Established in Shanghai
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:12   Slim Hope for a Better Turn of Chemical Production This Year
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:12   Close Cooperation between CNPC and SINOPEC
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:12   New Trends of Foreign Investment
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:12   Memorandum of Cooperation Signed by CNPC and Enron of the United States
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:12   Development Trends of Biological Pharmaceuticals As Seen by Experts
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:12   Rubber Industry City Established in Hainan Land Reclamation Bureau
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:12   Lutianhua A Shares Issued at Shenzhen Stock Market
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:12   The First China International Exhibition on Engineering Plastics to be Held
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:11   Work on the Tenth Five-year Plan for Petroleum and Chemical Industries in Progress
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:11   17 Foreign-Funded Chemical Projects for Promotion in Jiangsu
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:11   Major Projects for Technical Progress Defined in the Textile Industry
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:11   BBA Industrial Group of Britain Makes First Investment in China
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:11   China Chemical Building Material Co. Established
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:11   Large Kaoling Mine Discovered in Guangdong
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:11   Closure of the Acrylic Fiber Unit in Fushun
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:11   Yunnan Phosphate Fertilizer Industrial Co. on the Verge of Bankruptcy
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:11   News in Brief
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:10   New Environmental Protection Project Launched Jointly by the United Nations and China
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:10   Demand Increase of Kerosene in the Domestic Market This Year