YEAR:1999 ISSUE:7   China Huayou Group Corporation Established
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:4   Cooperation Strengthened between BP-AMOCO and SINOPEC
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:4   New Measure of Stimulating Import and Export Registration System to Be Implemented to the Import and Export Right of Large Industrial Enterprises
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:4   Shanghai Household Chemical Group Merging Shanghai Daily Chemical Co.
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:4   Policies for Admission of Production Sectors Being Formulated
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:3   The Profit accomplished in petroleum and chemical ind. was 10.3 b yuan in 1998  Efforts will be made to increase the profit over 20 b yuan in 1999
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:3   Li Yongwu's Full Confidence in the Petroleum and Chemical Market This Year
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:3   Production and Import Plans of Chemical Fertilizers for This Year Defined
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:3   More Small Enterprisesto Be Closed This Year
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:3   New Opportunities to Be Provided by Return of Macao
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:3   Regrouping of Foreign-Funded Commercial Enterprises
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:3   Favors Continue to Be Granted to Enterprises in Development Zones
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:3   Progress in Foreign Capital Utilization Made in Shanghai Last Year
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:2   Further Import Tariff Reduction
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:2   "Methods for Restriction Technology Export" Issued
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:2   China Oil & Natural Gas Pipeline Bureau Established
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:2   Import and Export Right Granted to Private Enterprises
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:2   Trial Production of Nylon 66 Salt Project in Shenma
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:2   All-Fiber Radial Tires Passing Acceptance
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:2   Bottom Price Defined for Pentaerythrite
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:2   SINOPEC Winning Suport from the Bank of Industry and Commerce
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:2   Compound Phosphate Fertilizer Production Base to Be Established in Anhui
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:1   Zibo Chemical Sectors Seeking Cooperation in Germany
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:1   Nantong PBT Project Finally Completing Wet Commissioning
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:1   MeesPierson Opens Beijing Office
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:1   Dushanzi Petrochemical General Plant Approved to Process Crude Oill from Kazakhstan
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:1   New Materials: A High and New-Tech Sector with Investment Priority in Jilin
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:1   Heavy-Duty Radial Tire Production Line Established in Liaoning Tire Group
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:1   Tax Policies for Enterprises with Foreign Investment Established before 1994 Defined
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:1   Sinochem International Trade CO., Ltd. Established