YEAR:1999 ISSUE:17   Zhengzhou Oil Chemistry Group Co. Established
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:16   Largo Vista Expanding Business in China
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:16   Coating Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. Jointly Established by Chonqqing and Xinjiang
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:16   Reduction of Import and Export Commodity Inspection Charges
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:16   Control on Bonded Raw Materials to Be Tightened
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:16   Engineering Company  Regrouped by SINOPEC
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:16   Tenggeli Chemical City Established in Ningxia Zhongwei
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:16   Regulations for Drug Examination and Approval Issued
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:16   Technology Training Center Jointly Established by Daqing Petrochemical General Plant and Aspen Tech
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:16   Lucky Film Corporation Merging Shanghai Xinfeng Paper Mill
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:16   Fate of Shutting down Falls on Small Refineries
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:15   R134a Production Line Put on Stream
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:15   Statistics of Oil and Gas Mineral Reserves Included in the Unified State Management
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:15   China-Singapore Joint Venture Formaldehyde Producer Starts Business in Shanghai
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:15   Futian Plastics Research Institute Established
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:15   Joint Development of Bromides by Marine Chemical Industrial Group and Israel
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:15   Brief News of Company
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:15   Large Nb-Ta Deposit Discovered in Suzhou
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:14   Joint Efforts Made by the Customs and Relevant Departments on Smuggling Crackdown
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:14   Localization of Ammonia Converter Shells
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:14   Chemical Industry Science & Technology Industrial Group Dies in the Womb
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:14   Classification Management to Be Implemented by the Customs to Enterprises
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:14   Liquefied Natural Gas Import Base to Be Established
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:14   4 Large Crude Oil Ports to Be Constructed
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:14   ODSIII Grants Offered by the World Bank to Changling Huanghe Group
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:14   Beijing Engineering Plastic Alloy Technology Lab Being Expanded
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:14   Potassic Fertilizer Import Contract Signed
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:13   Outstanding Achievements in Smuggling Crackdown
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:13   Personal Care Ingredients Asia Exhibition Opened Up In Shanghai
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:13   Biggest Natural Gas Field Discovered in Tarim