YEAR:1999 ISSUE:10   New Environmental Protection Project Launched Jointly by the United Nations and China
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:10   Demand Increase of Kerosene in the Domestic Market This Year
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:10   Private Enterprises to Be Opened in Shanghai
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:10   Universal Price Rise of Oil Products in the Domestic Market in March
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:10   Fiercer Competition in the Paper Market
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:9   Chemical Industry Science & Technology Industrial Group Soon to Be Established
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:9   National Membrane Engineering Center Established in Dalian
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:9   Oil and Gas Output to Reach an Oil Equivalent of 300 Million Tons in 2010
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:9   Yizheng Chemical Fiber Group Approved to Provide Bottle-Grade Chip for Coca Cola Group
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:9   Jiangsu Haipai Lube Oil Co., Ltd. Estabished
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:9   Basic Status of Newly-Established Chemical Industry Science & Technology Industrial Group
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:8   12 Petroleum and Chemical Enterprises Join APEC
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:8   Product Structure Readjustments in Petroleum and Chemical Sectors
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:8   "Turbulence" In  Pentaerythritol Production
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:8   Jiangsu Becomes the Biggest Prodution Base of Geotextile in China
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:8   Biological Fertilizers Highlighted in Shanghai
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:8   POM Project Starts Construction in Yuntianhua
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:8   Nanjing Medical-Grade Chemicals Production Base Starts Construction
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:7   New Foreign Trade Measures in 1999
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:7   Cable Group Co. Established in Daqing Oilfield
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:7   Shaanxi Yanchang Oil Industrial Group Corporation Founded
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:7   Beijing Dyno Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd. Established
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:7   Lafarg Aluminates (China) Co.,Ltd. Established
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:7   Forthcoming Elimination of Outdated Projects
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:7   Export Rebate Raised for Partial Commodities
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:7   Cangzhou Chemical City Speeds up Construction
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:7   Major Breakthroughs in Synthesis of Carbon Nanometer Pipes
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:7   40 000 Tons of Fuel Oils to Be Imported by Mongolia from China
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:7   New Record of Paraffin Output in Fushun No. 1 Petroleum Plant
YEAR:1999 ISSUE:7   Technology for Light Hydrocarbon Energy Conservation and Separation Developed in Shanghai