YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   China to Propel Green Industries
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   CPEA Issues Blue Book for Oil and Gas Industry
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   China Standardizes Use of Persistent Organic Pollutants
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   Document Issued to Guarantee Fertilizer Supply During Spring Ploughing
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   EU to Add 12 Kinds of Substance to Authorization List of REACH Regulation
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   Anti-dumping Duties on Resorcinol from Japan and the US Extended
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   BASF Opens New Liaison Office in Zhanjiang, China
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   Saudi Aramco Signs Share Purchase Agreement to Acquire 70% Majority Stake in SABIC from the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   Clariant China President Dr. Fu Cai Wang Hosts School Workshop to Support Sustainable Development in Local Community
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   Dow and Shanghai Electric Collaborate on A World-scale Concentrated Solar Power Project
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   LANXESS Achieves Strong Result in 2018 and Makes a Solid Start to the New Fiscal Year
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   China Pingmei Shenma Group Begins Construction at a 400 kt/a PC Project
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   Jiahe Technology Starts Trial Production of High Speed Spinning Polyamide Chips
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   Mitsui Chemicals to Build a New LGFPP Plant in Guangdong
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   Hengyi Brunei PMB Petrochemical Project to Begin Trail Run in Q2 2019
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   Kailuan Group to Build a 400 kt/a Coal-to-MEG Plant in Inner Mongolia
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:7   Fluor Starts Work on INVISTA’s New Adiponitrile Facility in China
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:6   New Document Issued to Develop GBA
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:6   The US Imposes Anti-dumping and Anti-subsidy Duties on China’s Tyres
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:6   Hubei to Standardize Oil Product Market
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:6   Hangzhou Helps Enterprises Develop New Materials
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:6   WFOE Obtains Oil Product Wholesale Qualification for the First Time in China
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:6   China to Propel Energy Legislation
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:6   BASF Expands Innovation Scope in Asia Pacific with New Facilities Solutions
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:6   BASF and Midea Sign Agreement to Co-develop Solutions for Cleaner, More Energy Efficient Household Appliances
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:6   Firmenich Opens Flavors Plant in China
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:6   Yangmei Group Launches Two Major Projects
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:6   Wanhua Chemical and ADNOC Form a Joint Venture
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:6   Zhongfu Shenying Plans for High-Performance Carbon Fiber Project in Xining
YEAR:2019 ISSUE:6   Xiangyun Chemical to Build New-Type Compound Fertilizer Project in Shandong