YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   China’s More than 20 Chemical-related Firms on the Fortune Global 500 List
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   China Imposes Anti-dumping Measures on NBR from South Korea and Japan
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   Beijing Adjusts New Energy Vehicle Subsidy Policy
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   Risks from Hazardous Chemicals to Be Searched More Carefully
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   Shanghai to Eliminate Outdated Capacities of Chemical Industry
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   Shaanxi Urges Hazardous Chemical Firms to Transform or Relocate
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   Central Government Appoints New Chairman of Sinopec Group
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   BASF Kids’ Lab 2018 Promotes Science Learning with New Experiment at CSTM
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   LANXESS Greater China CEO Ming Cheng Chien to Lead New APAC Region
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   Dow Opens Customer Innovation Center in Singapore
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   Covestro Raises Guidance after A Strong Second Quarter
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   PPG Reports Second Quarter 2018 Financial Results
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   Daqing Petrochemical to Start Oil Refining Structural Adjustment and Upgrading Project
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   High-end Chemical Industrial Zone Featured Green and Cyclic Lands Hubei
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   SBR Exhaust Treatment Facilities of Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical in Its Commissioning
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   Yunnan to Build Project with Capacity of 0.4 Million T/A LNG
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   China Pingmei Shenma Group Fully Flex Its Muscle to Establish Its PC Production Base
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   Experimental Test of JAMG’s Clean Fuel Project Has Its Genesis Soon
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   CECO and Baofeng Energy Signed Sales Contract on Gasification Plant
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:15   Methanol to Olefins from Shandong Shouguang Luqing Petrochemical in Production
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:14   China’s Petrochem Industry Posts 12.6% Higher Revenue in Jan-May
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:14   China’s Demand for Natural Gas to Grow Rapidly
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:14   Jiangsu Helps Chemical Industrial Parks Upgrade
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:14   Tianjin Issues Water Pollution Control Plan
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:14   China Issues National Standards for LIB Polyolefin Membrane
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:14   International Thermal Insulation Material Standard Issued
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:14   Several New Potash Fertilizer Standards Became or to Be Effective
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:14   Expiry Review Conducted for Anti-dumping Measures on Toluidine from the EU
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:14   Liaoning Urges Hazardous Chemical Firms to Transform or Relocate
YEAR:2018 ISSUE:14   BASF Investigates Establishment of Second Verbund Site in China